Empowering families to prevent and relieve pain.
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A big impact.


Why is this important?   

Poor pain management practice harms the child, the parent, the medical provider, and public health. Good pain management has tremendous power to change all that.

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The Child

Mismanaged pain means both immediate suffering and long-term effects. Children have unnecessary pain and learn to fear doctors, often for their lifetime. Treatments important for their health are sometimes avoided, or reinforce previous bad experiences.

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The Parent

It can be traumatic for parents to feel like they can’t protect their child when they are in pain. The rate of medically related traumatic stress for parents is even higher than the rate for their children. Just going to the doctor becomes stressful even when needles aren’t involved because of anxiety and fear.

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The Medical Provider

Most medical providers are dedicated and caring professionals who aren't currently given the training and tools to prevent and relieve pain as well as they could. Hurting children is often the most stressful part of their job, affecting their quality of care, job satisfaction, burnout, and job retention.


Public Health  

Public health is impacted when families avoid vaccinations, not because parents are against vaccines but because they can't tolerate children’s distress over needles. A significant number of adults "don't do doctors" as a result of childhood medical trauma, completely changing the course of their health.


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