Our Mission: EMPOWER

Children and families have the power to prevent and relieve pain. We want to give them the tools, skills, and support to do it.

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Did you know?

Most people are shocked to discover that when it comes to kids and needle pain, most medical providers do not follow the care recommendations of nearly every major pediatric health organization in the world.

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In fact, most medical providers often don't do much at all to manage needle pain...

...even though decades of research demonstrate there are many ways to avoid the discomfort and upset of getting a shot.


Good pain management is the difference between:




And this..


The Meg Foundation plans to create a major shift in how we think about kids and pain.

To create big change, we need to create big demand for better care

To create big demand, we empower those most invested:

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Kids and Families


We combine the power of medical science, technology, and good design for better care.