Pain and medical anxiety don’t have to be a nightmare.

Meg Foundation can help.

  • Did you know that poor pain management is almost ALWAYS behind the freakout?!

    The Meg Foundation gives kids, parents, and caregivers science-backed superpowers to help manage the pain experience and fend off any freakout monsters in the process.

  • Join our tribe of badass, fear fighting, pain champions and find resources that can help!

To get started, tell us how it hurts:

  • Procedural Pain

    Pokes are a problem.

    Whether it's a planned vaccine or emergency stitches, let's talk about how a trip to the doctor can be a whole lot easier.

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  • Acute Pain

    Something got hurt.

    From broken bones to major surgeries, let's explore what happens - and what helps - when the body is hurt.

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  • Chronic Pain

    It hurts and has for a looooooong time.

    That pain that should have gone away but hasn't requires some serious magic. Let's break down what it takes to tame chronic pain.

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