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We have big plans. We are talking monstrous. The kind of plans that can change lives, communities, and even the world. But we can’t go at it alone. We rely on amazing support from people like you.

Early pain experiences have a long-term impact on how people view and feel pain and on the health system as a whole. The fact is – under-treated pain and anxiety leads to healthcare avoidance in adulthood. And avoiding care comes at a huge cost.

People who delay primary care, preventative care, and sick visits increase their risk of disease (and disease related complications) which ends up delaying their best opportunity for treatment. Healthcare avoidance not only risks lives but negatively impacts quality of life, too. And, though individuals carry the heaviest burden, healthcare providers, hospitals, and health systems experience a negative downstream effect as well when untreated and under-treated conditions become emergent.

We know the picture painted above isn’t pretty, but the information is important. It is too important to, well, avoid. Help us empower you, your child, your neighbor, even your long-lost cousin twice removed with the skills, strategies, and support to manage pain and medical anxiety.