We have BIG plans


Our vision is lofty, and achieving all of our goals will take time. We are dedicated to systematic, thoughtful development that ensures the Meg Foundation is in it for the long haul.

Our Mission:

To make sure every child and every family feels empowered to prevent and relieve pain by creating access to information, skills, and support through the use of technology.


Initial Goals:  


01  Build an interactive technology platform

We are developing an interactive technology platform to guide children and families through pain management resources that are specific to who they are and what they are going through at that moment. We want to meet kids where they are, literally and figuratively, and give them exactly what they need when they need it. Using cutting edge user experience technology, we can interact with them throughout their experience to give them not only information, but also skills for self-advocacy and action. We believe that


knowledge is not necessarily power...but the ability to use it and translate it into action is.

alexander-dummer-mom with kids ipad (1).jpg

02  Curate existing resources

There are some good resources about pain management out there, but they are often hard to find or know how they can used for a specific situation. We are lucky enough to have some of the superstars in the world of pain on our Board and Advisory Board, giving us the expertise needed to collect and evaluate already existing tools. Through our tech platform, we can make the resources accessible and useful for children and families.



03  Develop new resources

They aren’t enough research-based resources that can educate, empower, and provide usable skills and strategies to kids and families around pain management. We create new resources that take advantage of not only good scientific information, but can be easily used by kids and families to improve their situation.

To get an idea of such resources, click on the image to check out this video created for a project Dr. Jody Thomas directed for Stanford Children's Health


We envision:

- a more comfortable future where health care is free of unnecessary suffering.

- a future where children, families, and medical providers know exactly what they need to do to feel comfortable and in control when it comes to pain.