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These resources help guide new parents on quick and easy ways to comfort your child, and set up a lifetime of comfort and confidence in healthcare! You are your child’s voice, and learn what you should be asking for by clicking above.

Learning to be in control of their own bodies and experiences are a major part of growing up. Click on the picture above to find ways older kids can learn to ask for what they need, and the strategies for taking care of themselves.

Little ones have a natural desire for independence and incredible imaginations! We can use that to teach them pain management skills and find ways to be comfortable and confident!

Making good choices and finding new ways to be in control are the skills kids this age are already working on. We use that to find ways to empower them to be comfortable, calm, and in control when they head to the doctor’s office.

Chronic pain in children is far more common than most people think. We know the importance of finding information you can trust. Click the picture above to find resources that are based on research evidence, and from some of the top pain experts.

We love our medical providers, and want you to have all the resources, information, and support we can provide to help make the important job you do even better and easier for you. We collected some great resources we hope help you!