Chronic Pain Family Education Sheets: School Guidelines

School can be tough when you’re dealing with chronic pain. This educational guide helps families understand all the ways they can support kids and teens as they navigate the challenges.


About This Resource

This is a part of our Family Education Sheets Series!

School can be tough, especially when kids are dealing with chronic pain. This guide is here to help! Discover strategies for balancing education with chronic pain, and find out how parents, teachers, and healthcare providers can team up to ensure that chronic pain patients get the support they need to succeed in school.

How To Use This Resource

PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS: Educate yourself about the many ways that kids can be supported in school and what all the adults in their world can do to improve their chances of success.

KIDS AND TEENS: Discover how normal it is to have challenges with school when you are dealing with chronic pain, how important it is that you are in school, and the many ways the adults in your world can support you.

PROVIDERS: Give this to your patients and families that struggling with the school challenges that are so common with kids dealing with chronic pain. You likely also want to check out the other education sheets in this series that provide information on daily functioning, sleep challenges, CBT therapy, and a guide other reputable chronic pain resources.

Who is this for?

This guide is for parents and caregivers supporting kids and teens with chronic pain. It’s also useful for healthcare providers.

This guide is part of a collaboration between the Meg Foundation and the Society of Pediatric Psychology’s Pain Special Interest Group.