Chronic Pain Family Education Sheets: Healthy Sleep for Kids and Teens

Sleep challenges and chronic pain often go hand and hand. Top experts put together this guide about all the things that can help!


About This Resource

This is a part of our Family Education Sheets Series!

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for everyone, but it’s especially important for kids and teens dealing with chronic pain. This guide offers helpful tips for improving sleep quality and building healthy sleep habits. From setting a consistent bedtime routine to managing screen time and creating a sleep-friendly environment, these simple changes can make a big difference.

How To Use This Resource

PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS: Educate yourself and your kiddo about strategies that really work.

KIDS AND TEENS: Discover that you are definitely not alone in any sleep struggles and find out how you can help yourself get more rest and feel better.

PROVIDERS: Give this to your patients and families that are impacted by the sleep difficulties that are often occur with chronic pain. You likely also want to check out the other education sheets in this series that provide information on daily functioning, school challenges, CBT therapy, and a guide other reputable chronic pain resources.

Who is this for?

This guide is for parents and caregivers supporting kids and teens with chronic pain. It’s also useful for healthcare providers.

This guide is part of a collaboration between the Meg Foundation and the Society of Pediatric Psychology’s Pain Special Interest Group.