How to Get the Best Help from Your Child’s Doctor

Dr. Jody Thomas and CHYP get together to discuss how parents and healthcare providers can join forces to give kids with chronic pain the best care possible.

About this resource

This webinar is hosted by Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer, founder of the nonprofit organization, CHYP (Creative Healing for Youth in Pain), and features our very own, Dr. Jody Thomas. Together, they discuss how learning chronic pain care skills can empower parents to better manage their child’s healthcare needs. Dr. Jody also emphasizes helping parents feel powerful will support them in making good healthcare decisions now and every day moving forward.

A few of the other topics discussed include: suggestions to help parents communicate better with doctors and other healthcare professionals, strategies to help parents speak up on behalf of their kids (and themselves), tips to help parents understand medical words, and advice to help parents get ready for doctor visits.

How to use it

FOR TEENAGERS: Give it a watch or listen. While you aren’t the necessarily the direct audience, it definitely can be useful for you too. Going into a doctor’s appointment prepped is the best way to get what YOU want out of that experience, and there are some great strategies in here for that. If you have to go to the doc, you might as well make it worth your while!

FOR PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS: Your time is valuable, and time with medical providers can feel scarce. Being prepared is the key to making the most of your appointments. Take a listen to get some good insights and strategies to make sure you get what you want our of your kid’s medical appointments.

FOR PROVIDERS: This can be a useful tool to recommend to patients (and check out for yourself!) to help them come to appointments prepared to make the most of their time with you.

Who is it for?

This video is great for parents and caregivers of kids experiencing chronic pain. And it’s great for their doctors, specialists, and the rest of their extended healthcare team, too!

NOTE: When we use the word “parent,” we’re including guardians, and other trusted adults, caring for a child’s health and well-being.