How to hack your brain when you’re in pain

"Have we misunderstood pain?" Researcher and physician Amy Baxter unravels the symphony of connections that send pain from your body to your brain, explaining practical neuroscience hacks to quickly block those signals. Her groundbreaking research offers alternatives for immediate pain relief -- without the need for addictive opioids.

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Amy Baxter, a pioneer in the field of pain management, translates neuroscience into disruptive, actionable solutions for pervasive public health problems. She is a pediatric emergency physician with a wide-ranging medical research career, including work on PTSD, pain relief for infants, and much more.

In her TED Talk, “How to Hack Your Brain When You’re in Pain,” She shares her expertise and insights. She delves into practical neuroscience hacks that individuals can use to effectively manage pain. Her groundbreaking research has led to the development of opioid-free pain relief methods, providing alternatives for those in need.

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