Good self regulation skills are super important to keep pain and anxiety under control. This website teaches you how you can use your imagination to have more control over your brain, your body, and your experience.

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About This Resource

ImaginAction is a collection of audio recordings that support coping and self regulation skills. What does that mean? Well, it support all the ways YOU can have more control over your body and experience, including all types of pain. It was developed by top experts, and is a fun and easy way to learn self hypnosis skills, and how to better manage the mind body connection to create more comfort and control. This is a project developed for Stanford Children’s Health and led by our founder and CEO Dr. Jody Thomas.

How To Use This Resource

It’s really simple and effective, and requires little to no prep. There is a great video at the start that explains it all. Kids (or parents, or anyone!) choose from a variety of topics (like anxiety, pain, sleep, fatigue, etc), find a space to listen, and can disappear into their imaginations. Headphones are recommended but not necessary.

Who This Is For

It is recommended for anyone 6 and older, but there isn’t any reason younger kids can’t use it if they have the attention span. While the graphics are designed to appeal to kids and teens, adults love it as well. Medical providers use it to introduce new coping skills to kids and families, and it helps explain the mind body connection and the biopsychosocial model of pain. It is very helpful for kids with chronic pain to learn self regulation skills.

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