Pain Isn’t A Bad Word: Healthy Ways To Talk About Pain

In this episode, our lived experience pain experts share their wisdom about how they talk with friends, family, and teachers about pain.

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About this resource

In this episode of the Chronic Pain Like You’ve Never Heard it Before podcast series, Sophia (age 18), Bridget (age 16), and Brooke (age 23) describe how they talk with friends, family, and teachers about pain. They share how they grew their ability to talk about pain in a healthy, productive, and empowering way and how this ultimately inspired them to spread awareness and education about chronic pain management.

This episode is part of an incredible podcast series produced by the Comfort Ability Program Peer Advisory Board. In this series, you get to know some teens and young adults who have bounced back from chronic pain. Has it been easy for them? Definitely not. Have they learned a lot through their journey? For sure. This podcast includes practical tips and skills for managing pediatric pain, but also a big dose of hope and encouragement for those who are struggling. The Peer Advisory Board made this podcast because this is all the stuff they wished they knew when they were first diagnosed with chronic pain. Tune in to hear them bust myths about pain, explain how they got through school, talk honestly about how they managed pain on the daily, swap coping stories, and find strength in themselves and each other. Produced by the Comfort Ability Program, Boston Children’s Hospital.

Who is this for?

Young adults with chronic pain, their parents and healthcare providers.