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About This Resource

To control something, you need to understand how it works. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of outdated thinking about pain floating around that can create barriers to good care and positive coping skills. It turns out that what kids, parents, and providers think they know about pain can sometimes hold us back from making things better. Thanks to research, we now actually know better! So let’s dispel these misconceptions with accurate, evidence-based information and brighten things up with some solid facts.

How To Use This Resource

Check out and/or download the eBook to learn about the various pain myths and facts. Read this blog post to learn the dangers of these pain myths.

Who Is This For

This resource is designed for patients and their families, as well as healthcare providers including doctors, nurses, child life specialists, and phlebotomists. It is a great accessible way to challenge beliefs around pain that can get in the way of positive coping and good treatment. Providers can utilize this resource to enhance collaboration and empower their patients with reliable information.