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Have no fear, SuperMeg is here! This interactive tech helps your child create a plan for being more calm and comfortable during needle pokes.

Make a Plan

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About This Resource

Meet SuperMeg, our superhero here to guide your child to create their very own plan to make their next needle poke a lot more comfortable, and a lot less scary! By answering a few questions, and making some choices about what they want, kids can gain more control over their healthcare experience, including preventing and managing pain.

How To Use This Resource

Ideally a few days before their medical appointment, pull up the SuperMeg tech, and have your child go through and answer questions (even a few hours or minute before works too!). Younger kids may need an assist to type out a few of the responses. Once your child finishes their chat with SuperMeg, their customized plan is emailed to you. That email will include all the information, resources, and tools you need to make that plan a reality. Not every medical professional knows about these skills, so you may need to ask for what you know will help your child avoid unnecessary distress. Using these strategies has been shown to result in a better, more positive experience for both parents and kids.

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Who This Is For

Kids ages about 4 older.

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