About this Resource

Digital tools like Take Control app for teens are awesome, but sometimes we need to be able to fill out a an actual worksheet live and in person. This helps older kids and teenagers feel prepped and teaches them science backed strategies to manage the anxiety and pain that comonly come along with medical procedures. They can figure out what can work best for them to feel more comfortable and in control next time they are going in for a needle poke.

How to Use

Download and print, and then let older kids and teens fill it out on their own. Have them explore their options and make their own choices about what strategies work for them. Planning ahead and making choices helps everyone feel more in control, reduces anxiety, and increases the chance of success. Be sure to bring it and show your medical provider so they can support the plan…and be ready to speak up for what you need. They can’t read your mind, and everyone wants this to be a good experience!

Who is this for

Older kids, teenagers, parents, and providers.

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