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These resources are picked specifically

for kids 2 to about five years old.

They are based on research evidence, and the guidelines put forth by the World Health Organization and major medical professional organizations. They have been vetted by our international experts in pediatric pain. Check back frequently as we are constantly adding content.


Click and print this infographic on quick tips about how to help kids feel more comfortable and in control during needle pokes.


Be The Boss of your Brain: how pain works and how you can have control

This video is for kids and parents to watch together to better understand how pain works so they can better control their body, and their experience! It describes strategies for helping kids, families, and providers better manage needle pain. While you can watch this video anytime, it can be helpful to watch it a few days before a procedure to give you time to talk about it, make a plan, and practice.  Look below for a link to a Game Plan worksheet that goes with the video! Click HERE for the video in Spanish.


Click the image to download the Game Plan that goes with the video above!

For the Game Plan in Spanish, click HERE.



For a clear, researched based guideline flyer developed for parents by the experts at SickKids hospital, click on the image!



COMFORT POSITIONING is ways of holding children during medical procedures that keep them safe but comforted, and are recommended in the clinical practice guidelines of nearly all pediatric medical organizations. Learn more below:

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Children should never be held down for any procedure. Nationwide Children’s Hospital has a great guide to Comfort Positioning, or how you can hold you child in a way that is safe and comforting! Click the button below to see more.

THIS LINK is a guide from Children’s Hospital Minnesota is also a wonderful resource.


Magic Glove Technique

Dr. Leora Kuttner is pioneer in the field of pain management. Her demonstration below of the Magic Glove technique is great example of the amazing capacity of imagination and the mind to bring comfort. 


No Fears, No Tears

Internationally renowned pain expert Dr. Leora Kuttner made this groundbreaking film about the power of hypnosis and pain management, entitled No Fears, No Tears in the 1980's. It is a great introduction to the power of hypnosis, pain management, and empowering children and  families