Ask Dr. Jessica podcast: How to reduce fear and anxiety around vaccines? with Jody Thomas

This episode is for all you parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers out there who want to make vaccinations a little less scary for the little (and not so little!) ones. If you've ever dealt with a nervous kiddo before a shot, this one's for you!

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About This Resource

Calling all parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers! If you’ve ever faced the daunting task of getting a kiddo through a vaccination without a meltdown (yours or theirs), this one’s for you. Whether you’re looking for Jedi-level coping strategies or just some reassurance that you’re not alone in this battle against needle anxiety, you’re in the right place.

This podcast episode features an insightful conversation between Dr. Jody Thomas, our CEO, and Dr. Jessica Hochman, a board-certified pediatrician and enthusiastic supporter of children’s health. Together, they’re on a mission to tackle one of the trickiest challenges out there: needle anxiety in children. They delve into effective strategies for reducing fear and anxiety related to needles in children, providing practical solutions for parents and caregivers seeking to alleviate their child’s apprehension about vaccinations.

Who is this for?

Parents, families, and providers can all benefit from this helpful discussion.