Creating Comfort for Teens Infographic

This infographic is a great overview of the best pain management strategies for helping teens get through shots and other needle procedures feeling calm, comfortable, and in control.



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About this Resource

You don’t have to fear the freakout around going to the doctor! Far too few people know that simple, effective strategies exist. This is a great overview of all the ways to make things much easier for teens. For more detail, and all the info you need to make it happen, explore more of our resources, including our Take Control App For Teens.

How to Use This

This infographic is a great way to introduce pain strategies, and a great way to recap them too. You can print it out for yourself, share it with a friend, or use it to talk to your doctor. Providers can make them available to patients and staff.

Who is this for

Teens, parents, and providers.

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