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They are meant to provide you the information, skills, and support you may need to help the kids you treat be more comfortable and in control.  We know that causing kids distress is one of the hardest part of your job, and we want to help in any way we can.  Check back frequently as we are constantly adding content.  Do you know of content you think would be useful?  Email us 


These infographics guide parents on how to best care for their children during needle procedures. Click here for the one for babies.


Click the image to download the guide for kids.


Click on the image for a quick, clear, evidence based clinician guide. This brochure was developed by SickKids Hospital.

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Efficient summary article from the Canadian Medical Association

Outlining the recommendations for procedural pain clinical protocols, including evidence summary. This also reflects the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and nearly every other pediatric organization in the world.



Learn how to reduce babies' pain during blood tests! All babies undergo newborn screening and jaundice testing in the first few days of life. Although these are blood tests involving painful heel pricks or venipuncture, research shows that breastfeeding and skin to skin care reduce pain and distress in newborns during painful procedures. This video is from Dr. Denise Harrison and her team at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. The tip sheet that goes along with the video can be found by clicking HERE.



Want to learn more? SickKids Hospital in Toronto has a wonderful, evidence based online course on pediatric pain that is available online. Click on the image or here to access it.