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These resources are for our families that are dealing with chronic pain.

They are based on research evidence, and the guidelines put forth by the World Health Organization and major medical professional organizations. They have been vetted by our international experts in pediatric pain. Check back frequently as we are constantly adding content.


Dr. Tonya Palermo maintains a list of pediatric pain treatment programs in the US and Canada. To see the latest list, check out


Chronic pain explained in five minutes

This informative video explains how chronic pain works, and the biological, social, and psychological things that impact symptoms and treatment.


Pain as a disease: Dr. Elliot Krane

An internationally recognized leader in the world of pediatric pain, Dr. Krane gave a brilliant TED talk several years ago on the experience and treatment of chronic pain.


The Mysterious Science of Pain by TEDed

Informative, quick video about the biopsychosocial model of pain from the folks at TEDed.


The Chronic Pain Experience

This video is aimed toward adults but has great information that applies to those with pain of all ages.  It is a wonderful, easy to understand explanation of some of the latest information and research about chronic pain.


This workbook for teens coping with chronic illness is based on the latest research, and has the endorsement of some of the best pain experts in the world.

Click on the image for a link to where you can get one for yourself.


Learning to Live With Chronic Pain

Click on the image to check out this ebook about one family’s story of their journey through chronic pain.



WebMAP is an app developed by Dr. Tonya Palermo and her team for helping adolescents manage chronic pain. Check it out to see how it could be useful to you!